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Prime Plaza Hotel Purwakarta kembali Adakan Donor Darah

16 April 2019

Berbagi kepada sesama dapat dilakukan dengan berbagai cara, salah satunya dengan melakukan donor darah secara rutin. Darah yang didonorkan tidak hanya bermanfaat untuk pasien dengan kondisi kritis namun juga dapat menyehatkan pendonor karena...

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Family Fun Day Prime Plaza Hotel Purwakarta

04 March 2019

In February, Prime Plaza Purwakarta Hotel held a Family Outing with the theme "Family Fun Day". All Prime Plaza Hotel Purwakarta employees go to the Ciater Hot Springs with...

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Mobile Legends Competition Session 1 in eL Kafe

13 February 2019

On 8-9 February 2019 eL Kafe held the Mobile Legends Competition. The event was attended by various squads ranging from children to adults from...

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Blood Donation in Prime Plaza Hotel Purwakarta

16 January 2019

Prime Plaza Hotel Purwakarta held a Blood Donation on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at the HRD office. This activity is routinely held every three months since 2009 by all Prime Plaza Hotel Purwakarta employees. Besides as a form of CSR, this activity...

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